Monday, 8 July 2013

Bella show cases her World of Water at the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve

Hi all

Today is the Launch of my ‘Project Bella Bear World of Water’. This is part of an exciting Water Festival run by the Lewes Railway Land Trust here at the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve.

There are lots of organization with stands and demonstrations about water, a guided walk and also a puppet show and much more to see and do.
Our display stand was a mixture of my World of Water Project based at the Railway Land Nature Reserve and my brother Ed the Bear's One World One Ocean Display

We also ran an activiy about pond life and we borrowed a few pond animals from one of the ponds here on the nature reserve.

I helped collect some pond animals from my raft. The raft is made up almost completely of recycled items such as plastic bottles and wood.

We then showed the animals using a video camera which was connected to a projector. 
We zoomed in on the animals and then  people could see them swimming around on the screen

Later we took people around the reserve on a water themed walk.

We started outside the Linklater Pavilion where the flood level of 2000 was shown on the wall.
We then looked at the honey bees entering and leaving the hive. Bees collect freshwater to help keep the hive cool and nurse bees need water to help make the jelly they feed to the larvae. They also use water to help stop honey from crystallizing.
We visited the woodland and considered how much water a tree need a day and then consider the woodland.
We looked at the Winterbourne Stream - my favourite view
We visited the pond and then walked through teh heart of reeds where we saw coots. This is a young one.

There was a loud plop as a marsh frog jumped into the water.

It was great to show people how amazing the nature reserve is and what fascinating wildlife. Also to show how important freshwater is to so many different animals and plants

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