Sunday, 29 June 2014

National Insect Week

Hi all

Today we ran a special national insect week event. Did you know that many of the animals that live in ponds are insects or insect larva.

I had some help from Abby the Aquarius. Abby comes from South Africa and she is visiting Ed the Bear.  Ed visited Abby in South Africa where she showed him around the coast, visited the Two Oceans Aquarium where she comes from and also a sea bird sanctuary where they care for  injured and oiled birds including the penguins that live on local beaches.
I showed Abby my favourite view on the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve. While we sat there a family of ducks swam by

Next we went to the Leighside Pond

We set out all the gear to catch some pond insects to show the visitors

We also saw a beautiful demoiselle damselfly

When the visitors arrived we showed them the pond animals using a microscope and a projector both attached to a laptop.

The live pond animals were projected onto a screen for everyone to see

I also had a photo quiz for children to match the adult insects with their larva

It was a great day


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