Monday, 11 June 2012

Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve 25th Anniversary part 2

There were lots of interested people visiting our stand and were enjoying finding out about Ed the Bears adventures.
I also gave out leaflets for Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve to encourage people to visit. The shingle plants are spectacular at this time of the year.

The visitors also learned about some of my adventures too.
You can see the badge I was given when I helped run some events in the Biscayne National Park in Florida USA during their family fun fest. I also helped out with their bioblitz event, the aim was to record as many different animals in 24 hours. This included staff and visitors.

Soon it was time for the next bug hunt and another group of children and adults. Again, after telling them all about Ed the Bear and also my work with freshwater habitats, we left for the bug hunt.

We went a different way around the Heart of Reeds this time. I loved crossing over the boardwalk section.

Again, we found lots of bees and also some red admiral butterflies that were resting on the path.

The children particularly liked the snails.
There are several different colour varieties of the white-lipped banded snail.

Some were even yellow with no bands.

There were lots of ladybirds again

One of the children carried me around for part of the walk to give my little legs a rest.

Two mallard ducks flew overhead

We also saw some warblers.
These small brown birds build their nest on the stems of the reeds where it is difficult for predators to find them.

At the far end of the Heart of Reeds we stopped again to look at the Winterbourne Stream.
We saw this beautiful blue damselfly resting on the vegetation.
If it wasn't so windy, we probably would have seen more damselflies and maybe even dragonflies.
We had a look at the creatures the children had collected in their bug pots before releasing them again. We saw lots of fascinating creatures and the children and adults had lots of questions.

Wow, what a fun day. I hope I get the chance to come back and explore more of the Railway Land Nature Reserve.

Bye for now


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