Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bella's Animal Olympics - high jump

Hi everyone

I hope you are all enjoying watching the 'human' Olympic Games. This got me thinking about what animals would be he best if there was an animal oympic games. Lets start with the high jump. For its size, the animal olympic champion would be a small bug called a froghopper.

The froghopper is also known as a spit bug. You can often see the frothy blobs on plants in your garden at this time of the year. Hidden inside the blob is a young froghopper sucking the juices from the plant.
Adult froghoppers are tiny, about 6 mm long. These bugs can leap an amazing 70cm high. That's about the same as a human jumping over a 210 metre high sky-scraper.
So for its body size, the froghopper bug would win the gold medal. The flea once thought to be the highest leaper for its size has been relegated to silver position with an impressive 18cm leap.

Have a look in your garden and see if you can find any froghoppers or their frothy blobs.

More animal olympic champions soon.

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