Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bella's Animal Olympics - Swimming


There have been some amazing results at the Olympic swimming events. Pretty fast for humans, especially as they do not have fins, tails or flippers to help them.

In the ocean, it is much harder to accurately measure swimming speeds. Here are some super fast animal Olympic medal winners.

In the fish category, the gold medal winner would be the Sailfish reaching speeds of 68 mph

Silver winner for sea mammal category would be the orca (Killer Whale) at a top speed of 34 mph.

Just behind the gold winner, commerson's dolphin, which reaches swimming speeds up to 35 mph.

Fastest swimming bird is the Gentoo Penguin which would get gold for swimming underwater up to 22 mph.

Some other great news that I am sure my brother Ed the Bear will be pleased about. ‘London serves only sustainable seafood at Olympics’. As part of London’s effort to become the world’s first Sustainable Fish City, organizers of the Olympics are serving sustainable seafood only in the Olympic and Paralympic village and in all athletics venues. 

That is superb news.

More Animal Olympics to come, Bella

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