Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bella's winter butterfly rescue

Today I was surprised to find a butterfly fluttering around in the conservatory. It must have been hibernating somewhere safe and because its sunny today it must have warmed up and started to fly around.
I moved closer to have a better look and the butterfly landed on my nose.

Its tiny feet tickled and I had to try very hard not to sneeze and blow the poor butterfly away.

You can see a small white mark on the underside of this butterflies wing. It is a comma shaped mark which is why the butterfly is called a comma butterfly.

I thought it must be hungry so I added a small spoonful of my special honey to some warm water so the honey dissolved.
I then poured it onto some cotton wool. The butterfly would be able to feed on the honey water using its long coiled tongue.
After a while it started to flutter around again. I opened the door so it could fly out into the garden and hopefully find a better hiding place to hibernate. The butterfly landed onto the Valerian plant which still had some flowers.
After a while it flew away.

I hope it found somewhere safe

Bye for now

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