Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Frosty Day

The weather has been very frosty later. Frost can be quite beautiful. I took a close up at the frost on the fence and it was made from lots of ice crystals.

While it might seem that snow is the worst weather for birds, frost can have more of an impact on wildlife. In the UK, we only have snow for a short while, while frosty days are much more common.

One of the most important things that birds need, even in the winter, is drinking water and a bath to keep their feathers in good condition and in place so they keep the bird warm.

Bird baths and puddles of weather that birds commonly use for this will freeze in cold weather and may remain frozen for days.
I checked my bird bath and it was frozen, so tipped some hot water in to melt it.

The pond was frozen over as well, but the pond creatures are all hibernating in the bottom of the pond and even the fish become dormant (like a type of sleep) when the pond is frozen. The ice was so thick I could walk on it.
If you pond freezes, don't try and smash the ice as the shock waves can kill fish, instead you can tip some hot water to carefully melt a section of the ice. However, unless your pond is very shallow its best just to leave it to melt naturally.

Bye for now

Bella Bear

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