Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fun in the snow

Ed the Bear is coming to visit today. He always enjoys a good joke so I thought I would play a trick on him.
Ed could see me as he came into my garden, he called but I did not answer

The snow was quite deep so he had to wade through the snow to reach me.

What a surprise when he got to where he thought I was standing to find my snow bear.
Ed thought it was very funny.

We went for a walk to see what animals we could see in the park. There were quite a few birds.
There were several blackbird looking for food.

A a flock of beautiful goldfinches were flying about in the tree.

While Ed carried on watching the birds I climb some trees.

The one thing we like better than snow is climbing trees.

It started snowing and I found this old log, which was like a cave to shelter in.

Then Ed caught up to me and challenged me to a snow ball fight.
Ed found a good hiding place to throw snow balls from.

I think Ed must have been practising snow ball throwing while he was in Antarctica on his recent trip as he was a much better shot than me - although I do have shorter arms and small paws.
Good shot Ed

On the way home we passed the animal sanctuary...
and saw the horses
...and ducks

We had great fun in the snow.

Bye for now
Bella Bear

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