Friday, 18 January 2013

Water everywhere, solid, liquid and vapour

The weather forecast was right, I looked out the window this morning and its snowing.
It was snowing quite hard and it soon piled up on my window - if you look closely you can see parts of snow flakes.

I went out into the garden and checked the thermometer.
- it was minus 3 degrees.

I had a look at my pond. The surface was still frozen over as ice.
Water is amazing, as it can be solid (ice and snow), liquid (water underneath the ice) and gas or vapour (clouds and my breathe) all in the same place. Most substances can only be a solid, liquid or gas not all at once. Even more reasons why water is so amazing.

While the flakes are small and light, you can roll some together in a ball shape so all the flakes are squashed together and then you can throw it.
Snow ball fight anyone, as I said we bears love the snow.

Bye for now, I am just going out to have some more fun in the snow. Oh yes, my brother Ed the Bear is coming to visit tomorrow, I hope its still snowy.

Have fun in the snow, Bella Bear

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