Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bella's Animal Olympics - running


There are many running events in the Olympics but they can be divided into two categories, sprinting and endurance. Sprinting takes place over a short distance because fast speeds are difficult to maintain over a long distance while endurance is all about keeping going over a long distance.

For gold position for sprinting has to go to the cheetah reaching speeds of 70 mph.
The cheetah can only keep this speed up for a few hundred meters and then they give up the chase because they would use more energy than they would replace by eating their prey.

Of course a meal is a great incentive to break a record.

The fastest flightless bird is the ostrich reaching speeds of 43 mph.

Endurance running takes place over much longer distances. The fastest land animal long distance is the Pronghorn or American Antelope running at 35 mph for 4 hours.

Two red wolves were recorded to have run for 2 weeks straight without stopping.


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